Zero Hour Arkansas Lecture

Avery Redfern, Co-Head Editor

In South America, fires rage unchecked across the Amazon. Across the world, the invaluable bumblebee population continues to decline. Temperatures around the globe continue to increase. These are only some examples of climate change in our society today. Join the climate change organization Zero Hour Arkansas this Friday to hear more. Led by Zero Hour Arkansas founder and president Amelia Southern, the lecture will teach students about the roots of the climate crisis and how certain minorities will be put at a disadvantage because of the crisis.
Zero Hour, a youth-led climate activism group, believes that climate change will unequally touch lives across the world and that some areas and groups will be affected by the climate crisis more than others. Southern will explain more about this concept as well as others in her lecture.
All students who attend the lecture will also receive an hour of community service. The lecture will be held this Friday, December 6, in the lecture hall during A&E. To sign up, check the @zerohourarkansas Instagram for the link, or sign up here. For more information, visit the @zerohourarkansas Instagram or the Zero Hour website.

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