Kyle Batker

Savannah Ball, Artist

Senior Kyle Batker is a skateboarder/ artist who, after picking up a camcorder in September, fell in love with capturing life in a unique way and has carried it with him ever since. Batker started skating in 2016 and says that even though the skateboarding community is small in our area, it is a non-judgmental and very welcoming crowd. Batker makes edits in which he pieces together clips and music to create exciting and aesthetically pleasing videos for his friends and whoever else would like to enjoy them. His inspiration comes from music videos, skate videos, and himself. Exposing the talents of others, especially in the skating community, is also influential and important to him as he finds that a lot of talent goes unrecognized. He enjoys experimenting with effects and music when editing clips he’s collected of his friends and himself having fun. Batker finds video art to be a very creative and beautiful art form and hopes to improve his skills as time progresses. When asked about his opinion on creativity outside of school Batker states, “I think that it is very important for students to show that creativity outside of school. It shows that someone is able to build upon their own creativity without being taught how to do so or how to express it. I taught myself how to use editing software, which opened many gates for me in the filming process. Teaching myself how to explore and use my own creativity to my advantage was a great feeling and will aid me in other areas of life, like self- motivation and self-awareness. If I can teach myself how to use one of the most important expressions, I’m able to teach myself how to grow as a person or heal when needed. Creativity is very hard to grasp on your own, and it starts with exploring your own self and what interests you.”