Winter Sports Breakdown


Boys Varsity Basketball Photos

Bulldog Arena 2018, Varsity Boys Basketball Game

Kourtney Allee, Co-Head Editor

It’s getting colder which means a new sports season is coming up featuring: swim and dive, wrestling, basketball and bowling. After reaching out to the coaches it looks like we are in for another great year of FHS winter sports!
For the last three years, Casper Petty has been coaching for the Bulldog Wrestling Team. Petty lived in Oklahoma and explains that he brings a piece of unique mentality with him. Progress is something Petty believes is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a coach. He also values the idea of being a role model on and off the mat. He explains how in all areas of their life, whether education, diet, character or technique, they must be working for what they want and be a role model.
“I bring an Oklahoma mindset to Fayetteville… I have slowly embedded the mental toughness and ‘grind’ of wrestling into these athletes… Taking a student who has never watched a wrestling match, or who has never really worked out and pushed their bodies hard and turning them into a confident athlete is rewarding.”

FHS Wrestling finished top 4 at dual state last year and every year wrestling has had a state champion at individual state. Petty states that “this season I look to have multiple state champions and finish higher as a team than we did last year, which was 11th place.”
Go support the girls and boy’s wrestling team. (For more information go to

Ashley Jones is the head coach of the FHS Swim and Dive Teams. Jones holds the same standards for herself that she does for her team. The team focuses on “DRIP,” being Driven, Respectful, having Integrity and Perseverance. Jones requires her swimmers to work hard but also be connected and have fun as a team. The team practices five days a week in the water and two of the days with added strength training. Practices vary from distance/endurance, sprints, IM, and best stroke.
Jones is very happy with the senior leadership in the team. She expresses how along coaching swim she strives to teach leadership.
“The seniors are able to lead the team effectively creating a very unique and special team culture,” Jones said.
The team goal is to win the conference for both boys and girls. Jones expresses how the speed from the underclassmen is one strength the team has that will help the team reach this goal. Last year, the FHS Swim and Dive team finished best in five events and FHS fans have a lot to look forward this year!

Many people are eager to see what the basketball team has in store this year. Brad Stamps is the new head coach for the Boys Varsity Basketball team. One thing Stamps believes is special about his job is that he is able to coach at his Alma Mater. He strongly believes in being intense and passionate while being a consistent communicator and always honoring the past. One of the most rewarding things about being a coach is “the personal relationships with my players” he explains.
On and off-season the team works in the weight room and their skills on the court. Stamps explains that “when every player and coach is engaged in the learning” is when he knows a practice session was executed best.

Vic Rimmer is the head coach for the Girls Varsity Basketball Team. To be prepared for this season Rimmer says they play the best competition, look out for region teams and travel to Oklahoma, Missouri, and Florida. He explains that the most rewarding part about being a coach is watching young people work & struggle to achieve goals. Whether games are won or lost, that struggle creates lasting character. The excitement in their eyes when goals are accomplished drives me.”
A few strengths of the team this year are competitiveness, maturity and overall talent. “We have a talented & experienced team,” Rimmer said. “Our goals are always to improve as the season progresses and play our best basketball at the end of the season.”
Rimmer explains that the high expectations of FHS are the reasons why the basketball team is different from other teams in Northwest Arkansas. “The support, facilities and dedicated athletes make our basketball program 2nd to none. My expectations for myself have been raised by the Fayetteville community.” Rimmer says.
It would seem that fans have great basketball to look forward to this season.

The bowling team, coached by Tim Miller, has its first game in December. More than 40 students tried out for bowling for this 2019-2020 season.

Whether Basketball, Wrestling, Swim and Dive or Bowling, go support FHS Winter sports. Go Dawgs!

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