Haunted Houses of NWA


Alice Cai

A black cat lurks underneath a tree next to a haunted house, the light of the full moon glowing against its back.

Avery Redfern, Co-Head Editor

As we enter creepy season, Fayetteville students look for ways to celebrate Halloween. One of the best ways to honor the season is by going to the many local haunted houses. Each house has something unique to offer, so we made a list of haunted houses in the area. Stay creepy!

Asylum Haunted House (Cave Springs, AR)

Beginning its twelfth year in Cave Springs, The Asylum Haunted House promises one of the best scares in northwest Arkansas. Voted the #1 haunted house in 2014 and 2015, Asylum has a hauntingly mysterious website which tells little about the house itself, so those who wish to visit the house will find out about it themselves. Asylum costs $15.00 per person and $13.00 per person for groups of over 12 people. The house opens every weekend from October 6-31st and has a special attraction open for the Day of the Dead (November 1-2). 

Banshee Manor (Fayetteville, AR)

The Banshee Manor follows the story of the McCraulic’s eternal torture at the hands of the Banshee, who trapped their souls inside Banshee Manor. Stationed at Locomotion, Banshee Manor has two attractions, the manor itself and Storm the Castle, an interactive laser tag game. The Manor costs $10 per person and doesn’t allow children under six. The Manor opens on October 11 and will be open every weekend until Halloween. 

Carpenter’s Haunted Mortuary (Gentry, AR)

Located inside an actual mortuary, Carpenter’s Mortuary has had actual reported paranormal sightings inside the building. Investigators from Heartland’s Paranormal Research Organization claimed to have experienced strange, otherworldly activity inside the Mortuary. The Spook House itself follows the story of Mother Carpenter, the cruel owner of the mortuary. Rated one of the top Haunts in Arkansas, the Mortuary promises a creative story and a spooky house. The attraction costs $13.00 per person to attend and is open every Friday and Saturday until November 2, and on October 17, 24th, and 31st. The attraction’s hours are from 7-11 pm. 

Nightmare Haunted House (Bentonville, AR)

Nightmares is an “intense, high energy haunted attraction that uses the latest technology available,” located in Bentonville, AR. The haunted house is volunteer-led, and all proceeds from the attraction go to the Bentonville Breakfast Lions Club. The attraction was established in 1987 and began as a hayride led by Bentonville native Chris Micheals. While the hayride no longer exists, Nightmares does have a haunted bus ride for guests to enjoy. This year’s theme is “freak show meets old west in a toxic wasteland.” The House is open every weekend of October, as well as November 1-2, and costs $20.00 for general admittance and $30.00 for a VIP pass. 

Riverside Entertainment Warehouse of Fear and Swamp Walker Trail (Siloam Springs, AR)

As the night descends, creatures at the Warehouse of Fear and Swamp Walker Trail emerge from the shadows. Run by Riverside Entertainment, the attractions are considered some of the best in the area. The Warehouse of Fear, a haunted house attraction, has around 30 “movie set quality” rooms for guests to explore. It also has a blackout night on October 24, where guests are invited to roam the warehouse without any lights on. The Swamp Walker Trail has over 10 acres of land filled with scares. At the end of the trail, guests are invited into the Riverside Pirate Ship. Each attraction costs $15.00 per person and is open from 6:30 to 11:00 on specific weekends in October.