Upcoming Fayetteville climate rally


Erica Roman

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Avery Redfern, Reporter

On September 27, 2019, FHS students are invited to join the climate change movement. The organizations Zero Hour, a climate advocacy group, the FHS Green Team, and the OMNI Students Coalition have planned the NWA Climate Strike, which is to be held in the Fayetteville Town Center, Plaza and Square. The strike will be from 12-4 p.m. and will include a bicycle parade and People’s March on the Square. 

The strike is part of a larger movement all across the country led by climate activists such as Greta Thunburg, to enforce climate action in our governments. From Sept. 20 to 27, the United Nations will convene in an emergency summit to discuss climate policy. Groups around the world plan to strike on Sept 20 and 27 to make sure their voices are heard as the summit is being held. 

The strike is youth-led and is mainly targeted at youth audiences. “The whole climatic crisis is a crisis that pertains more to certain groups, especially youth groups,” speaker and Zero Hour Arkansas representative Amelia Southern said. “The youth groups will be on the front lines of this crisis: we’re the ones that will be affected the most because our future can be stripped away from us.” 

“This movement is not only going to affect one region or one group, it’s going to affect us all,” Southern said. Around 2,000 people are expected to attend the protest in Fayetteville. This will include students from across Northwest Arkansas as well as adults and people traveling into the area. Similar to people wearing orange to gun reform protests, Southern encourages people to wear green on the 20th and 27th to symbolize sustainability. 

Those interested in participating can visit the @ZeroHourArkansas Instagram page to learn more about the strike and upcoming events related to it, such as the art build.

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