Backpack Must-haves


Kourtney Allee, Co-Head Editor

With only a backpack to house all the materials needed for each class, it is important to only pick your essentials. With the new school year, 2019-2020, it means new supplies: books, textbooks, binders, pencils, etc. Though the backpack might weigh you down, you never want to be unprepared for class. Starting the school year off right is what many students at Fayetteville high strive for. There are quite a few things needed to be prepared and let teachers know you care about that class. Six students were asked what they must have in their backpack to be prepared for class. 

“One thing I would have in my backpack is paper.” Madison Mckinniss, a Senior says. She goes on to say the paper is essential because she “always has to take notes in class.” Keeping a folder full of loose-leaf paper is a great way to be prepared. You never know when a friend might need a piece, or you may need to jot things down. 

Ethan Creer, Jr. says he must have his Chromebook in his backpack. “I need my Chromebook because the school requires you to bring it every day, fully charged.” Chromebooks are something every student should bring with them. Having Chromebooks available to use at home is a great new change in school. With this change, there is an added responsibility to bring it to school. Remember to bring your Chromebook, because they will be needed for various purposes like Google Classroom, College Board, Google documents and more online educational resources.

Listening to music is one thing many people like to do while doing homework. “One thing I must have in my backpack are headphones” Wyatt Probst, a Sophomore explains. Music is a great way to block out noise while you work on homework or just in general. Sometimes you will also need headphones for class. Though they are not necessary, it is still nice to have them with you.

Pens and pencils are things Katie Palmer, a Freshman says she must have in her backpack because she “always has to write things down in class.” Pencils are required daily and pens are needed in many classes. In AP Block, pens are needed to take notes for history and are needed for grading in many other classes. Making sure you are prepared with a pencil is also important seeing that teachers cannot supply every student with a pencil. 

Gum is a good alternative to food when you cannot eat in a class. Many teachers allow gum as long as it stays in your mouth and does not become a distraction. Gum is one thing Olivia Walsh, a Sophomore says she needs daily. Don’t be one of those kids who stick gum underneath the table and abuse the right to have it.

“Highlighters are a must-have in my backpack” Cindy Weng, a sophomore said. Highlighting helps draw attention to important facts or points in a text and are useful for studying. Weng says she must use them for her English class, which is a very common class you must have them in. 

The school year is just starting and you have the opportunity to start strong. Make sure to bring the things necessary for each of your classes with you in your backpack.