Amani Wilson


Trinity Davis, Writer

Amani Wilson is the student that walks into school with his head held high, a smile on his face, and a textbook in his hand. He walks the halls of FHS greeting every student and teacher he passes, and if there is someone that may need help, Amani Wilson is always there to hold the door open. Senior, Amani Wilson is what FHS would call a person that ‘makes it happen’. Wilson is smart, ambitious, and helpful. He is very involved in his community; volunteering and helping the younger generation. At school, Wilson is a member of the Thespians Society, Ambassadors, and Forensics. In each club, Wilson holds a role that makes him unique and allows him to out in the community.

Thespians society is an acting club at FHS that allows students to explore their acting abilities and learn about the ‘behind the scenes’ action during a production. Wilson enjoys being on stage and pretending “to be somebody else”.

Wilson is also an Ambassador, a club/class that allows students to step out in the community and learn how important it is to get involved; he loves to use his time lending a hand. Wilson says “[it is] cool that we can go out and make a difference.”

The last club is Forensics. Forensics is a club at FHS that allows students to prepare for speech competitions, to expand their vocabulary, and develop confidence when speaking in front of big audiences.

When Wilson is not volunteering at school, he is going out on his own and continuing to help others. Wilson volunteers with an organization called Recess through 99 balloons. Wilson spends his time with children with special needs; playing, talking, singing, dancing, and engaging with each child. The organization is a way for parents that have children with special needs to relax and enjoy a night off from their busy schedules. Wilson, and others like him, volunteer to stay at the designated church with the children, it’s a way for the parents to have some time for themselves.

Among other things, Amani Wilson engages in hobbies such as writing letters, listening to the podcast, working out, and watching Hulu and Netflix. Nevertheless, Wilson will always go back to his first love, school. Wilson will always have a special place in his heart for school, the place where he can learn formulas in math and science, and also spend time with influential people. Wilson says, ”school is a great and engrossing environment”, he believes that there are many interesting people and “progressive ideas that are perpetuated.”

Amani Wilson stays motivated and is always ready to take on any obstacle the world throws his way because of his faith and that’s just the way he was raised, “I am a Christian,” Wilson says, “the right thing to do is act more like Christ in everything I do which means helping people and [being] the best person I can.”

After High School, Wilson is looking at colleges in Ohio. There he will get guidance from his father and enroll in programs that will help him in the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). Wilson is leaning towards a career in law studying to be a judge advocate general or psychological analysis specialist. He is not sure what college or profession he wants to pursue, but it is safe to say Amani Wilson will continue to do anything he can that will benefit others.

Amani Wilson continues to ‘make it happen’ here at FHS and he will continue to do his best even after high school. His tremendous help in the community and his ability to make any situation better is what allows him to be seen by others.