A Pair of helping hands


Sofia Calderon, Podcaster and Photographer

Grey Pair has done so many things in her life such as participate in five sports: lacrosse, ballet, gymnastics, karate, and track. She also has been a volunteer at many places and be part of the crew for musicals at school. Two of her of her main goals in life are to help others by serving the country or by doing small actions and traveling to different places around the world.

Pair spends her time doing good in this world by volunteering. In the summer, she volunteered at the food pantry at Trinity Church, a little bit ago she went to South Dakota to help build houses and give or help them move furniture, and she also helped build tiger cages in Turpentine Creek up in Eureka Springs. Helping others is a passion Pair wants to accomplish every day of her life whether it is a small or big action.

Being part of a military family made her want to help others, when she was little, her first thought was to go into the army and save lives. If nothing works out, then her back up plan is to join the army by either being a missionary or a pilot. A missionary is someone in the military that goes out and gets the people in the field to safety. If she does end up in the entertainment circuit because of her voice or her comedic ways, she plans to use her voice to help causes and voice her opinions. Pair likes working with music because she feels like she can connect with others, and if it makes her famous then she can help causes and voice her opinions to help the world a little more. In life, Pair wants to have a job where she is doing something impactful and not selfish work. Pair wants to work where she always is constantly helping others because it makes her happy

Pair wants to experience everything and be everywhere. Since adventuring is a passion of hers, she plans on buying a Volkswagen van and live in it while traveling the country, and then the world. Pair plans on getting small jobs along the way to earn money so she can have enough to travel until she needs more money again, she plans to never stop traveling. She loves seeing or finding interesting places whether it is going outside or going downtown. Since she lives by the White River, she goes out and explores the area. She also used to live by Gulley Park which fueled her love for exploring and made her know every nook and cranny at the park. Outside of Fayetteville, her favorite places are New Orleans and Saint Louis because of the shops, the little libraries, and the fascinating places on the streets.