She’s in the House


Sofia Calderon, Podcaster and Photographer

Kennedy House is a 16-year-old business creator who had to learn to have a balance of work and school. House has experienced very few obstacles in her passage as a young businesswoman, but they have been hard to overcome. Although she is quite young, she has many goals to make women be successful in the STEM field.

In the beginning, her goals were very broad, everywhere, and hard to focus on only one due to her being excited about her new business. Now, her goals and missions are laser point and she now knows what she wants. Some of her missions are getting her product into a few kids museums, so it can branch out and still reach her intended audience. She also wants to go wholesale which means that she would sell her product to companies and not just the individual customer, she does not want to be a brick and mortar type of company

House studied abroad in Spain for business and Spanish classes for one month in Salamanca University, while on the trip she met several people who were part of their local newspapers leading to free advertisements in different countries. Her products ship to everywhere in the world because of popular demand. House’s product is a physics necklace that can be put together in one motion. She came up with the product when she was on a nine-hour plane ride coming home from Spain, she was sitting next to a physicist who showed her the necklace and since that one encounter, she was hooked to show others. While on the plane ride, she made a business plan and many goals for the said plan that she hopes to accomplish. As time went on, more and more people began to knock on her door to try the necklace, she realized it would be a great business to have. Since that realization, she had done lots of research to perfect the product and get it perfect. House did two to three months of research to find the perfect gage weight and size as well as the chain weight and size, then started selling the product in late September and early October.

Having a business means having employees and House’s employees are her peers. She uses Junior achievement to hire her employees when she needs more. Junior achievement got her employees as well as set their wages and also set her up with mentors to help guide her through her business journey. As of right now, House is not hiring because she is focusing on school and taking it slow due to her just now learning to balance both school and work.

As she kept wanting to build her business, she encountered a few stumbling blocks. One of the biggest ones is gaining respect from peers and adults. House said that they are great and intrigued through email, but once I met them, they were not as willing and belittled her due to youth. After a while, they saw how serious she was and started to take her seriously helping her grow and build her business.

Defy is a STEM-inspired jewelry line that helps women get involved and stay in STEM jobs. The company is working to create scholarships to help those wanting to go to college in the STEM field and worked with SWE for over a year and a half by donating over 150 hours of community hours and donated $1,300 to help, as of right now the company is still working to build their own scholarship program.  SWE is Society of Women Engineers that helps women get into the engineering job positions through training and programs, networking opportunities and scholarships.

An overall goal for House is to get girls involved in STEM in elementary years through college and eventually get into a STEM-related job. Once you graduate, Defy will help you get into a company job involving STEM. Half the workforce is women and 30 percent graduate with a bachelors in science, but only 10 percent continue to work in STEM 10 years after. Having equal color representation in the workforce is highly important to House as well as having women in various positions in companies.

Balancing both school and her business has not been easy. House went to Los Angeles for a business conference where she toured offices and talked to many women in high positions, while there she asked them about how they dealt with work and life so they could have a balance. Her biggest takeaways were to have relaxing days so she does not get too overwhelmed and to always make sure to schedule. She schedules weekdays as homework after school then she can work on the business for one hour and the weekends she goes ham on business.

House is interested in many things such as film, business, playing an instrument and helping others. She moved here from Texas, last year, and was not as involved due to being busy most of the time, but back home, she was very involved. House’s friends were in a band which she filmed and took photos of, she loved doing that kind of thing because of the love she has for creating things.

Defy science has social media so if you want to be updated on things you can follow her @defyscience and to have more upkeep updates.