Giving back

Sofia Calderon, Podcaster and Photographer

Thomas Givens has been helping the world since he was 7  years old and does not plan to stop helping, in fact, he wants to join the Peace Core when he graduates college. Thomas says helping those who need it gives him a purpose, thrill and gives him a good life, “whenever I help others, rather than like getting things, that what makes me feel good”. He has done so much for the world already such as worked in Haiti to provide water purifiers to families without clean water, volunteered at a homeless vigil, raised dog food for animal shelters, just to name a few.  Thomas has been saving money so in June he can go to Peru and establish sustainable living for families in the Sacred Valley. Mr. and Mrs. Givens took Thomas traveling because they think its more important to invest in memories than objects so when they traveled he realized “everyone is the same. There is not much differences there is good and bad everywhere in the world… everyone who needs also needs the same thing”.