New test prep course offered


Taylor Tames

In the FHS library, there is a bookshelf of ACT, SAT, and AP prep books available to all students.

Maggie Hendrix, Reporter

Standardized testing can be one of the most stressful aspects of high school. College-bound students build their weekends around standardized tests only to wait for weeks in worried anticipation of their scores, and, as deadlines approach, they are desperately seeking opportunities to improve scores. FHS will offer a new course for these anxious students beginning in the fall semester of 2018. The class will focus on preparing students to take exams including the ACT, PSAT, and SAT, and it will be taught by Sarah Williamson.

Students will learn strategies to improve their reading, English, math, and science skills in order to boost their scores. Williamson stresses that one of the most important aspects of the course is that students will have a dedicated block of time during which to practice and build test-taking skills. They will also be able to read books of their choice during class in order to improve reading comprehension.

According to the course brochure, “the ideal student for this course is one who is college-bound, recognizes the importance of these standardized tests, and is intrinsically motivated to improve his or her performance.” Because the class is geared towards students interested in attending college, it will also incorporate college research projects as well as learning about the college applications process. The course will also include partner and group activities, discussions, lecture teaching, and presentations.

Williamson is a University of Arkansas graduate and studied abroad in England and Spain. After graduate school, she taught in Rwanda and China. She has worked at FHS as a teacher of English 10, Pre-AP English 10, and AP Block, as well as a curriculum specialist and academic interventionist. For the past six summers, Williamson has taught an ACT prep program, and she is excited to be able to provide test preparation in class.

For more information, contact your counselor or email [email protected]

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