March Chicken Madness: The final standoff


Erol Eksioglu, Writer

For the last four remaining contenders in March Chicken Madness, I will do a speed round where I will go through all the matches and say which restaurant wins that round until the winner is found. I will not be too descriptive about why I preferred one restaurant over another. For the in-depth description, please read the other March Chicken Madness stories.

For the first secondary match, we have Popeyes versus Cane’s. Popeyes wins this round for me because their chicken sandwich is amazing and their mashed potatoes weren’t bad either. The Cane’s chicken on the other hand was pretty mediocre, and the good toast and poor fries evened the score out.

For the second semi-final match, it’s Slims versus Wingstop. Like with the first match in this story, one of the restaurants, Wingstop, was simply better overall than the other. Wingstop’s chicken was great and their fries were definitely above average. Slims on the other hand had mediocre chicken and fries, giving Wingstop a clear win here.

With those out of the way, the last match of March Chicken Madness is Wingstop versus Popeyes. Both of these restaurants’ chicken was incredible, so the deciding factor will have to come down to the sides. Wingstop’s fries were seasoned well but had a strange, sweet aftertaste. Popeyes’ mashed potatoes were good, but they weren’t anything amazing. Also, the only reason I had to get mashed potatoes from Popeyes instead of fries was that they ran out of fries. Because of that last point, I will have to give Wingstop the win. They always have fries, no matter what time of day I order from them.

With that, March Chicken Madness comes to an end with Wingstop as the winner. Please let The Watchdog staff know if you would like to see another tournament like this next year.