March Chicken Madness: Zaxby’s versus Slim Chickens


Erol Eksioglu, Writer

Welcome back to this week’s fight in march chicken madness. It’s Zaxby’s versus Slim Chickens, and we’re getting right into it.

Starting with Zaxby’s, I got the chicken finger plate which has chicken tenders, fries and toast.  The tenders were well cooked with good flavor and were neither dry nor soggy; however the breading wasn’t very crispy and there wasn’t much seasoning. I would give them a 6/10.

The fries were not good. They were very floppy and soft, and they had almost no seasoning. I would give them a 3.5/10.  The toast was also an extreme letdown. It was dry and the butter on it left a strange aftertaste that I had to wash out with my water. I would give it a 4/10.

Now, for Slim Chickens. I got the Slim’s meal which also has chicken tenders, fries and toast.

The chicken was well cooked, if a little dry, and had a nice crisp. There wasn’t much seasoning, but they were still pretty good overall. I would give them a 6/10
The Slim’s fries were much better than the Zaxby’s ones. They were not floppy, didn’t have much crispiness and were seasoned pretty well. I would give them a 6/10.
Finally, the toast. It was also much better than Slims being nowhere near as dry and not leaving that weird aftertaste that Zaxby’s did. I would give it a 7/10

I believe it is obvious here which restaurant I preferred here. Slims was simply just better overall than Zaxby’s. Stay tuned for the next battle, coming the week after spring break.