March Chicken Madness: KFC versus Popeyes


Erol Eksioglu, Writer

For the second week and subsequent second match in March Chicken Madness, we have KFC versus Popeyes. Let’s get right into it.

From KFC I got the two-piece chicken combo, which consists of two crispy chicken limbs, one biscuit and a cup of mashed potatoes.

The chicken was very crispy, had a great texture and was incredibly flavorful; however, there was no seasoning that I could taste and It was extremely dry, bringing my overall view of it down. Because of this, I would give the chicken a 6/10.

The biscuit had a good flavor but was very dry and pasty because of the flower on the crust. I would give the biscuit a 5/10.

Finally, the mashed potatoes. The potato itself was great, it was mashed well and had a nice consistency, but the gravy really brought it down. The potato was practically drenched in it and it didn’t even taste that good. It had a strangely strong sweet flavor and aftertaste and was very watery. I would give the mashed potatoes a 3/10.

Now, it’s time for Popeyes. From there I got a Popeyes chicken sandwich combo, which has a chicken sandwich and mashed potatoes.

The sandwich was incredible. The buns were perfectly buttery and fluffy. The chicken was greatly cooked and well-crusted. The pickles were crunchy and flavorful but didn’t overpower the taste of the sandwich as a whole. And finally, the sauce was simply amazing. It had a strong sweet, spicy and tangy flavor; was perfectly spread; and had a good consistency. I truly believe the Popeyes chicken sandwich deserves a 10/10.

As for the mashed potatoes. They weren’t anything out of this world like the sandwich was, but they were definitely better than what KFC had to offer. The potato itself had a similar flavor and consistency to the KFC’s, if not a bit more watery. The gravy was significantly better, though it wasn’t anything extremely special. It had a good flavor and nice consistency, and it wasn’t absolutely drenching the potato. I would give it a 6/10.

Overall, I think it is obvious which of the two options I prefer. The Popeyes sandwich was amazing and the rankings might have been a bit closer if it wasn’t for how terrible the KFC gravy was to me. With that said, stay tuned for the next battle in March Chicken Madness with Slim Chickens versus Zaxby’s next week.