March Chicken Madness: Raising Cane’s versus Chick-fil-A


Erol Eksioglu, Writer

Today we are starting the official March Chicken Madness in the Watchdog. We are starting off the month with Cane’s versus Chick-fil-A Stay tuned throughout the month for future battles, and with that, let’s get right into it.

Starting with Cane’s, I got the three-finger combo, which consists of three chicken tenders, fries, Texas toast and Cane’s sauce.

The first thing I reviewed was, of course, the chicken. The canes chicken was very crispy and dry. The taste of the chicken itself was good, but there wasn’t much seasoning to enhance its flavorful base. Due to these points, I would give Cane’s Chicken a score of 6/10.

Onto the toast, it was very thick, and the bread itself was very well cooked and toasted. It was a little dry, except for the surface which was coated in butter. Overall, the toast was very good and I would give it an 8/10.

As for the fries. The Cane’s fries were very floppy and soggy, and only had a little bit of crispiness. I gave the fries a 3/10.

Now, for Chick-fil-A. I got a chicken sandwich combo, which consists of a chicken sandwich with pickles and fries.

For the sandwich, the breast had a nice ratio of breading to chicken, and the meat itself was a little dry. The bread was well-buttered; however, it was rather flat. The pickles were good but not as crunchy as I would like. The sandwich also has a bit of a strange aftertaste. I would give the sandwich a 5/10.

And now, the fries. They weren’t seasoned that much but were cooked well. They weren’t very crispy but were pretty good overall. I would give them a 6/10.

Finally, it’s time for the concluding comparison. Cane’s has decent chicken, great toast and poor fries. I would give them a 7/10. Chick-fil-A has an ok sandwich and pretty good fries. I would give them a 6/10 overall. While Cane’s fries are far from the best, the rest of their food is of higher quality and they just offer more than Chick-fil-A for a similar price.

Raising Cane’s will be moving on to the next round of the bracket.