Why Valentine’s Day isn’t just a marketing scheme


Karter Murphy

Valentine’s Day has become an incredibly profitable day for many companies as Americans spent 23.9 Billion on Valentine’s Day in 2022, with an estimated average of $175.41 per person. Despite this, and what you’ll hear from bitter and single teenagers, Valentine’s Day is worth celebrating and means more than just shelling out cash.

Imagine the colorful red and pink crafts, candy hearts, and Valentine’s cards of an elementary Feb. 14. First graders with their oh so obvious crushes, elderly couples celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, and (angsty) teenagers professing their love. The most wholesome day out of all 365. Yet, people still insist it isn’t worth celebrating because it’s just a “marketing scheme” and “advertising ploy”. However, Valentine’s Day can be used to celebrate and cherish the people you love, romantically or otherwise.

Saying it shouldn’t be celebrated because “it’s just a marketing ploy” is also factually untrue. St. Valentine’s Day originated as a Christian holiday that celebrates Saint Valentine, a martyr, who supposedly restored a blind man’s vision, performed weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry, and signed a letter to his jailer’s daughter with, “your Valentine”. So, even since the origin of the holiday it has been reminiscent and symbolic of love.

On top of that, Valentine’s is about more than just romantic love. It’s about celebrating everyone you care for. Platonic, romantic, familial, self love, or otherwise. It’s essential to let those around you know that you are thinking about them and caring about them. It can build stronger relationships, bring other people joy, and maybe even help with their mental health. It’s even beneficial to remember to show yourself love, whether it be taking a break from the stress or treating yourself to chocolate, it only benefits you to show self love, the same way it only benefits people to celebrate Valentines.

In conclusion, even if Valentine’s Day is just a marketing ploy so that teenagers can get flowers and love notes, why not celebrate it? It’s important to show love and appreciate people who mean the most to you. You should always show people your appreciation, but for partners, siblings, parents, and even yourself, it can be incredibly rewarding to celebrate Valentines.