Dubious doctorates for your diploma


Erol Eksioglu, Writer

There are many doctorate courses students can take in university. Some of these courses are considered the most popular ones, like psychology and physics. However, not all such classes are as well-known as the likes of mechanical or aerospace engineering. There are many strange doctorate degrees people can and have gotten that you might not have heard of, so let’s get right into it.

Thanatology is the study of death from many perspectives. Thanatologists view death in physical, medical, psychological, and even spiritual lights. They are specialized workers who help many people come to terms with death and the grief that is associated with it. From what I have read, the University of Maryland offers such a program for people interested in gaining a degree in thanatology.

Another interesting degree is a Ph.D. in ceramic science. Ceramic sciences study the process, characterization, and application of ceramics. Ceramics show promise for many engineering applications in various fields. Alfred university offers plenty of degrees in the ceramic sciences.

It is even possible to get a Ph.D. in manga. Kyoto Seika University in Japan offers the world’s first-ever Doctoral Program in manga. Students in this program study all aspects of manga theory in hopes of becoming professors, researchers, authors and manga artists. Don’t worry though, even if you aren’t from Japan it is still possible to join this program as an international student.

Ph.D.s in Viticulture and Enology are the study of grape growing and winemaking respectively. These two fields usually go hand in hand, Viticulture for growing whole ripe grapes and Enology for turning those grapes into delicious wines. The wine sector is one of the highest-grossing industries in the world, so loads of colleges offer doctorates in these fields of study.

There are many strange doctorate programs in the world, not just limited to the ones listed above, so do some research on your own. I would suggest checking out online-phd-degrees.com; it has great resources on how to find and get Ph.D.s, and it was a great help in my research for this article. With that said, good morning, good day, or goodnight.