Jake Coughran: An old soul in a young body

Anna Vanasse and Bokarik Karu

You often hear someone being called an “old soul” when that person likes older music or feels that they were born in the wrong generation. Jake Coughran takes “old soul” to a different level.

Jake Coughran is a sophomore here at FHS. You might see him holding the door for everyone in the morning at the purple office or walking around in the hallways with his umbrella. You might even see him wearing vintage men’s clothing from the Thirties. Hopefully you know who we’re talking about. He says it started with his great grandfather, a WWII veteran, who has since passed away. “He would [entertain] me with stories of his youth. He grew up in the 1930’s listening to music that was popular back then and wearing what was normal,” Coughran recalls. “My grandfather also grew up at the time and experienced the tale end of [the Golden Age].” Ever since, Coughran have always had an appreciation for 1930s pop culture.

Coughran said he has always had an interest in vintage men’s wear. When asked what he liked to do in his own time, he said enjoys reading old men’s wear catalogs. He usually gets his outfits from Cheap Thrills, a thrift store in Fayetteville.He says, “They’re cheaper than what you buy today at the quality they’re made. A lot of the time [they’re] handmade.”

He enjoys pre-rock jazz, including musicians Al Bowlly, Annette Hanshaw and Frank Sinatra. His favorite songs are On a Steamer, Coming Over; I’ll Do My Best to Make You Happy; Moonlight on the Highway and Midnight, The Star and You. All of them by Al Bowlly. His “number one favorite” musician. He also likes to read. His favorite book is the Dark Tower series by Stephen King, his favorite author. He’s also a movie enjoyer. He likes watching Tim Burton films such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride and Edward Scissorhands. His favorite actor is Johnny Depp. He also has 8 pets; 5 cats and 3 dogs, he says 4 of the cats are his sister’s and he only ‘owns’ 1 of the felines.

According to Coughran, the job he’s interested in doesn’t require a college education. He wants to be a barber. He’s currently looking forward to having an apprenticeship this summer with Fred, his own barber.

Coughran is also in the process of developing formal attire for events such as homecoming, weddings and parties. He’s also working on developing a seasonal attire for cold, hot and rainy days. We know for sure, whatever he wears, he’ll look dashing.