Honoring Hispanic Heritage Month at FHS


Karter Murphy, Writer

This September 15th to October 15th is Hispanic Heritage Month, a nationally recognized event that celebrates what Hispanic Americans have contributed to America, honor their achievements and recognize their struggles. Many Hispanic people face struggles with language or having different cultures that aren’t always understood, as well as the struggles that come with race. It is important to educate people and acknowledge these misfortunes. Hispanic Heritage Month commemorates the achievements of Hispanic individuals that succeeded, despite their setbacks.

September 15th is also the date a lot of Latin countries such as Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala gained independence. Several other countries gained their independence within Hispanic Heritage Month too.

Although, Hispanic Heritage Month started as Hispanic Heritage Week, which was enacted by Lyndon Johnson, it was later expanded to Hispanic Heritage Month by Ronald Reagan. Many people use this period to reflect on Hispanic history, traditions and the cultures, on top of the contributions.

Here at Fayetteville High School, Hispanic Heritage Month is being celebrated throughout the month during advisory. People can sign up for “Hispanic Heritage 2022” in PrimeTime to attend these events. Some of the events include cooking cultural foods, Trivia games and an all day celebration on October 15th that will have dancing, food, music, as well as celebrate Deus de la Muertos.