Memories of the 112 Drive-In


Loren Savage, Writer

After 42 years, the 112 Drive-In has permanently closed down. The last of three drive-in theatres in the state gave its final showings on Saturday, August 27. The last screenings were Grease and Footloose. Hundreds of people gathered on Friday and Saturday nights to be a part of Fayetteville’s history. Cars backed up Highway 112 hours before the shows’ admission times, an hour and a half before showtime.

We’ve asked some FHS students about their favorite Drive-In memories.

Siblings, Clementine, Eli, Isaiah, and Kate Taylor worked at the Drive-In together for 3 years. Senior, Clementine Taylor, said their boss would often order pizza for the staff at the night’s end. Then everyone would sit outside eating and watching the ends of each movie. She also said that one of her favorite nights was the night when all of the girls on staff were able to do security. She said, “all the girls were making a fuss”, so they left their stations at the concession stands and took over security for one night.

Sophomore, Isaiah Taylor said that his favorite part about working at the Drive-In was almost all of the people who worked there were high school students in the NWA. He said it was very easy to become “best friends” with everyone. Stating, “Since we all became best friends working was always fun… work would fly by because of how much fun we would have.”

Emma Wise, 12, said, “One of my core memories is seeing Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness with my dad!”

Ben Rogers, 12, said he enjoyed the Drive-In because “it was a fun alternative to the theatre.”

Leah Martin, 12, shared that “running around the playground” before the movie started was her favorite memory.

Stella Garton, 11, said the final showing was her best memory. Sharing, “ So many [elderly] couples came in classic cars!”

The 112 Drive-In was a staple in North West Arkansas. The community is sad to see this beloved institution go but grateful to have the memories provided in the 42 years of operation.