New Addition of Eco-Fashion Club at FHS

FHS TV - Fayetteville High


Photo courtesy of Anna Pittman

Elizabeth Atchley, Writer/Social Media

Fayetteville High School has its fair share of clubs for students to partake in, and the opportunities are endless. One of these more recently-established clubs is the Eco-Fashion Club. Here, members can participate in upcycling activities, learn about sustainability in the fashion industry, and have fun with their fellow students while doing so.

The club was founded in Fall 2021 by Anna Pittman (12), and is sponsored by Fayetteville biology teacher, Linda Stocker. When asked about the creation of Eco-Fashion club, Pittman replied, “I was inspired to start an Eco Fashion club while writing my APLAC research paper my junior year. I was writing about the fast fashion industry and how it impacts our planet, and the idea to start an Eco Fashion Club popped into my head. I wanted it to be a community of people who were also passionate about sustainable fashion so that we could learn and create together!”

Creativity is a primary component of the club’s success and popularity. Pittman has initiated a variety of group projects: “At our last meeting, we upcycled jeans, which was a lot of fun. For Christmas, I want to do a ‘make your own ugly Christmas sweater party.” Although it seems all fun and games, the club works to educate members to “understand why we should care about sustainable fashion.” Pittman further explains: “I strive to make it a good balance between learning and fun.”

Their most recent project was the “clothing swap,” which took place on Saturday, Nov. 6, in the Woodland Junior High parking lot. At the event, students (members and nonmembers) were given the opportunity to donate their own clothes, while finding pieces from others’ donated wardrobes. Pittman elaborated on the mission behind activities such as this, saying, “the goal of our clothing swap is to show people different ways to give your clothing a second life. Donating old clothes to your local thrift store is great, but a lot of clothes in thrift stores never sell and end up in landfills. Finding them a home before giving them to a thrift store helps reduce the chances of them being thrown out!”

The Eco-Fashion Club makes sustainable fashion enjoyable and accessible to students eager to learn at FHS. They meet once a week on Wednesdays during advisory, and students can sign up for the club in Primetime.