Graffiti at FHS has reached an all-time high


Avery Redfern, Co-Head Editor

In recent weeks vandalism has reached an all-time high at FHS. The current trend of vandalizing schools began with the “devious lick” TikTok trend- which entailed people stealing things like sinks, paper towel dispensers, and, in one case, a toilet from their school’s bathrooms- but now cases of vandalism have rapidly increased within FHS itself.

Currently, graffiti has been appearing within the (primarily men’s) bathrooms, at a rate that is “so often that it will get painted over by custodial staff […] and by the time [it’s] done, the first spot has been tagged again.”

The graffiti includes several tags- or a “signature” used to anonymously claim an area or artwork- vulgar images and scratches into the walls of the men’s bathrooms.

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