Fall sports gets underway

Julia Chimka, Writer/Photographer

Fayetteville high school is not only known for its outstanding academics but its astounding athletics. This fall season is going to be an exciting time for our athletic program and one you don’t want to miss. Our fall sports lineup consists of cross country, football, golf, soccer, tennis, and volleyball- and many of these sports have already kicked off their season. Notably, on Friday, Aug. 27, Fayetteville’s varsity football team had their first home football game against Conway. The Bulldogs came through with a 41-24 win and a great way to kick off the season!

Julia Chimka
Jordan Waggoner

In addition to football, all student-athletes are challenged with hard work and an immense amount of pressure. It takes determination and commitment. This year especially, student-athletes must learn how to balance the new “normal” after the previous year affected by COVID-19. A large percentage of student-athletes have more responsibilities since more things are opening up and able to operate under more lenient guidelines. Physical health is crucial for our student-athletes but mental health is just as important. We asked a few athletes who will be competing this season how they balance their sport, school work, and other responsibilities while having time for self-care and fun. Below are their responses!

Ryan Maxwell (Football 12): “I try to finish all of my school work early so that gives me more time to practice and I only work every other weekend.”

Emmalee Crow (Volleyball 11): “I balance all my responsibilities with my planner. It helps me stay organized and keep track of when assignments are due and know what time my practices and activities are.”

Elizabeth Atchley (Golf 12): “I try to compartmentalize my activities so that I don’t become too overwhelmed, and I try to focus on my current task to make sure I’m productive, allowing time for me to have fun later!”

This calendar will bring you to a calendar with all upcoming sporting events. Make sure to cheer on and support your dogs!