9/11: How the world has changed


Anna Vanasse, writer

Sept. 11, 2001, was when the world quickly changed from people feeling safe in their own homes to people thinking they were not. 9/11 was one of the scariest days in modern history. People born after 2001 don’t know how drastically the world changed after 9/11.

To better understand these changes, we interviewed two teachers at Fayetteville High School and asked them where they were on 9/11 and how they think the world has changed.

Stephan Karnes, who teaches 10th grade English, was in college when the attacks happened, he explained. “I didn’t understand what was happening at first,” Karnes said when asked about the events “I thought the first plane was an accident, but as the news coverage continued, I understood that it was deliberate and I found myself feeling a lot of sadness, anger and confusion.” When asked how he thought the world changed after 9/11 he said, “Unfortunately … Some people used 9/11 to set up a good vs. evil paradigm to become more xenophobic and create a narrative that foreigners, immigrants [and] refugees are people to be feared rather than human beings to feel compassion for.”

Following the attacks on Sept. 11th, Muslim and Middle Eastern people were verbally and physically harassed. Some of them were even held at gunpoint or beaten for their faith or even looking Middle Eastern. According to an article from ABC news, hate crimes against Muslims rose 1617% from 2000 to 2001.

Lane McCullough is a speech pathologist at FHS; she was in third grade at the time of the attacks, “I was sitting in class when the twin towers were hit,” she said. She remembers a teacher coming into her class, visibly upset, who then pulled her teacher into the hallway. After the teacher returned, a student asked if everything was OK and her teacher replied, “No, something bad has happened. Your parents can tell you when they pick you up.” McCullough said that while she was too young to fully understand the attacks, she knew they were devastated and that thousands of people had lost their lives. In response to how the world has changed, she responded, “I remember how united the USA became, everyone had pride in America, in the flag, and in being part of the solution.”

After the attacks, people came together to support their broken nation:; they assisted in cleanup, aided exhausted firemen and essential workers, and helped those impacted however they could. One of the biggest impacts of the attacks was tightened security in public places. On Nov. 19, 2001 the Transportation Security Administration was founded as a response to the attacks and safety protocols in airports changed forever. Before 9/11, people could fly without identification, now people need IDs to get their tickets, to get through security, and to get to departure gates- now bomb screenings and body scanners are required for all passengers.

One thing is for certain, Americans realized after 9/11 that terrorism could happen anywhere, including their own country.

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