Random Rankings: Pasta

Jessi Morrison

Welcome to a new series called, Random Rankings! Every week a survey will be sent out to random students to get their thoughts on food, fashion, and whatever comes to mind. Our first question was: What is the funniest pasta name?

Writers at the FHS Watchdog compiled an ultimate list of pasta names that resonated with us, put them in a survey, and watched as 108 responses rolled in.

Here were the funniest pasta names一 according to high school teenagers.

Fourth place, curiously, was Barbina.

Barbina is a long strand pasta and appears in the shape of a coiled nest.
Barbina Pasta Photograph by Photo Researchers, Inc.

Third place was almost in a tie for first, simply called Pipe.

Pipe Rigate is derived from the Lumaca pasta which is “Snail shaped”.
File:Pipe rigate top.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Second place, with 11.7% of the vote was Stringozzi.

Stringozzi is a wheat-made pasta, traditionally served with black truffle in Italian restaurants.
File:Stringozzi.jpg - Wikipedia

Finally, first place was the appropriately titled Acini De Pepe.

Acini De Pepe is a little-known Italian pasta in the shape of peppercorns. It is used for salads, both savory and sweet.
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Here were some honorable mentions.

Spätzle,noodles,pasta,carbohydrates,cook - free image from needpix.com

Funghini – Smooth Breeze 7's | Lizerls Schmankerlblog

And here were some enticing comments from anonymous survey-takers.

“Living for this super serious quiz, but a crumb of context? Pls? I need to see how this plays out.”

“I did a speedrun of this form. My top time was 00:10.62.”

“Does this count as extra credit?”