Isolation doesn’t have to be boring

A comprehensive list of quarantine activities


Isabelle Suttle

Avery Redfern sits watching Minecraft YouTuber Dream to pass time.

Avery Redfern, Co-Head Editor

Now that it’s our duty as the American people to stop the spread of COVID-19 by remaining inside, we can’t do as many activities as we would normally do. And let’s be honest- it can get pretty boring. To combat this intense boredom, we at the Register have compiled a list of fun and interesting at-home activities—everything ranging from learning new recipes to playing D&D virtually with your friends.

Since eating out is no longer an option, some of us have been struggling to make food up to our normal standards. Let’s face it- not all of us are natural-born chefs. But in the words of the great Chef Gusteau: “Anyone can cook.”

  • Use the website here to turn any ingredient into a 5-star dish worthy of restaurant presentation
    Check out Youtube creator DepressionCooking, a lovely old woman who has lived through the Depression teaching you how to cook
  • Also check out Youtube creators BingingWithBabish, YouSuckAtCooking, and the BonAppetit test kitchen to find easy-to-follow recipes with humor and good cooking advice
  • Check out the Allrecipes page to find any recipe possible- from brownies to baklava

Personal favorite recipes from the Register:

And of course, if all else fails, support your local restaurants through food delivery services like UberEats and GrubHub.

New Hobbies
What’s more fun than learning a new hobby during your government-mandated quarantine? Lots of things! But this is fun too.

  • Use the website to learn any skill from crocheting to interior design with two months of free instruction from live teachers
  • Learn how to code through MIT’s coding program with a fun, easy introduction to programming
  • Listen to whatever your heart desires through websites like Spotify and Pandora with free one-month premium trials
  • Take virtual tours of the world’s best museums here
  • Listen to free nightly streams from some of the world’s best symphonic orchestras and operas here and here
  • Learn to embroider, sew, knit, and/or crochet- all activities that require few materials
  • Learn to make a basic friendship bracelet here or more complex ones here
  • And through YouTube’s extensive video library learn essentially any skill through videos by your favorite content creators

Learn how to play D&D through these websites:

Education and reading
For those of you hoping to learn more about the world or expand your current brain power, this category is for you. Use sites like

  • Duolingo and Conjuguemos to expand upon your new language’s vocabulary or even learn a new language
  • For audiobooks, Audible and YouTube both provide all the books you can dream of
  • See to find out what book to read based on whatever you’re feeling that day
  • And look here to find easy, accessible ebooks
  • Of course we had to include the monster of all information websites, Wikipedia, to help with whatever rabbit-hole you have decided to explore that day (or night. It’s okay, we understand)
  • Learn about any subject easily through websites like BrainPOP or YouTube channels like CrashCourse and ASAPScience
  • Visit the PoetryArchive to read, and listen to, beautiful poems throughout the ages

For the gamers
Gaming has gotten the American population through some hard times. It’s time to rise up, gamers, and band together to combat the spread of boredom (and COVID-19, of course) through gaming.

  • For PC users: Steam is a great website to buy hundreds of games
  • Some relaxing, fun Steam games include: Stardew Valley, an easy-going farming simulator, Planet Zoo, the ultimate zoo simulator, and Terraria, an 8-bit adventure game somewhat like Minecraft
  • For those with Switches: The new Animal Crossing New Horizons released in March (which is a FANTASTIC game, if I do say so myself) is available for download on the Nintendo Store
  • Also, Switch online is only $19.99 yearly, and for one month only costs $3.99
  • For Minecrafters: a list of Minecraft servers for PC can be found at, and a picture gallery of fun builds can be found on the Planet Minecraft website
  • Of course, in light of the recent Minecraft craze, Youtubers such as Dream, GeorgeNotFound, BadBoyHalo, and many others have been creating fantastic Minecraft and Among Us content to fuel our procrastination

While this is a hard time filled with lots of boredom, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Make sure you are eating well, wearing clean clothes, exercising or getting plenty of fresh air, and keeping your space clean. We also encourage that you take time off your screens. But most importantly, have fun and remember that the quarantine will end before we know it.

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