Rise of COVID-19 cases in Arkansas, Governor’s response

Rise of COVID-19 cases in Arkansas, Governors response

Elizabeth Atchley, Writer/Social Media

In the past two weeks, the number of COVID-19 cases in the state of Arkansas has risen dramatically. Going into the holiday season, these big numbers are likely to only increase from here. In response to this surge, Governor Asa Hutchinson issued his statement in a press release on Monday, November 16:

“The new cases are higher than last Monday, and this may be an indication we are in for a tough week ahead. The 42 new deaths is regrettably an all-time high in a single day. While there is good news on the vaccine front this morning, we have to work together to reduce cases, hospitalizations and save lives.”

According to KATV, Arkansas has had 2,245 COVID-19 deaths in total. Hutchinson also claims that at Arkansas’ current rate, there will be 1,000 more Coronavirus deaths before Christmas, almost a 50% increase over the span of a month. According to the Arkansas Department of Health, there were 16,485 active cases as of Monday in the state. As usual, Washington, Benton, and Pulaski were the counties with the highest numbers of new cases reported.

Also according to KATV, 46 schools in the state transitioned to partial or full-time virtual learning for the remainder of 2020. With already altered schedules, schools and the general education system are facing potential changes once again in the near future.

This week seems to be critical in controlling these numbers and the spread as we approach Thanksgiving break and the holidays, the most common time for family gatherings and out-of-state travel. It is of the utmost importance to stay aware of our surroundings and do our best to prevent further spread of the virus.

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