University of Arkansas during Covid

University of Arkansas during Covid

Amanda Brunell, Writer

It’s that time of the year, students are beginning their fall semesters of school, but this year is a little different from normal. Covid-19 is continuously having an effect on typical school schedules, making everything fall out of line. While many universities are adjusting in different ways, the University of Arkansas has their own way of coping. On the UofA website, it mentions how staff are closely working with health officials trying to create the safest and healthiest environment for all students and teachers. Adding on to this statement, the staff also mentions they will continue to educate students the best they can with the new reality.

Luckily for students at UofA, there is an entire handbook provided on their website on the do’s and don’ts when returning to campus. Starting with moving in, the staff has taken initiative by making sure rooms are disinfected, providing hand sanitizer for each student, making sure there is proper social distancing and preparing for potential quarantine and isolation. Proper precautions for dining have also been taken, there are specific times for eating and cleaning. Students participating in Greek Life also must practice social distancing, cleaning and disinfecting, wellness checks for Covid and wearing a mask for face covering.

In addition to the precautions listed on their website, there are steps provided for when you feel sick. There are multiple sections, but in this part of, There are certain guidelines to follow for students to reduce their risk and protect others. Stay at least 6 feet apart, wear a face covering, use hand sanitizer, etc. This website also mentions when you should stay at home. Such as when you have a fever, sore throat, loss of taste/smell, etc. Lastly, on this section of their website, the UofA has also provided local hospitals and their addresses in cases of emergency.

Along with staff preparation taking their part students at the UofA are also taking theirs. Students have been researching ways they can help our country develop a vaccine quicker, by doing lots of research in campus labs. They have started different research activities and some students are doing different ones than others. Since more students around campus are conducting their own research, it raises the chances of finding out more information about this virus that we have yet to know. Students are also making sure that they are staying safe throughout the research process by taking proper precautions to ensure the safety of the students, school, and our community during these difficult times.