Taylor Swift Albums: Ranked and Reviewed


Eva Rinaldi

Speak Now tour (2011-2012)

Elizabeth Atchley, Writer/Social Media

Taylor Swift has taken over the world of pop culture over the past decade, and everyone knows it. Whether you love her or hate her, you cannot argue the fact that she is one of the most successful singer-songwriters of this generation. Personally, I believe Taylor Swift is a lyrical genius. Her vocal range, along with her range of genres, from country to pop to indie, is incredibly impressive. Although each of her albums have qualities that stand out, there is definitely a hierarchy of her discography, ranging from the less-great to the greatest. Here are all eight of T-Swift’s albums, ranked and reviewed.

Taylor Swift debut album cover (2006)

In last place, we have her debut album “Taylor Swift”. Do not get me wrong, this album has some great songs, but unfortunately there has to be a last place. This album is at the bottom for two reasons:
First, Taylor Swift was VERY young when this was released. Like 16 years young. So obviously, she had less musical experience at this point in her career.
Second, I hate to say this, but there weren’t enough memorable songs on this album. Some like “Tim McGraw” and “Our Song” were successful, but compared to her later albums, this was nothing.
On a more positive note, she only went up from here.

7th place goes to her latest indie album “Folklore”. Alright, I know this is an extremely unpopular opinion, and no disrespect, but I believe the majority of her albums are better than this. However, I do appreciate the maturity of this album and seeing her evolve throughout her career. I think she has really grown as an artist, and I am still impressed by everything she writes, but the music on here is less relatable and a little more boring and depressing. Sorry T.

Fearless Tour (2009-2010)

In 6th place is the “Fearless” album. I hate putting it so low because I love all of the remaining albums and it is VERY difficult to rank these. The album has some of her most iconic songs, including “You Belong With Me”, “Love Story”, “Fifteen” and of course “Fearless”. The album includes some of my favorite songs too, but once again, she was still young at this point with less experience in the music industry.

1989 tour (2015)

The album “1989” takes 5th place. This was technically her debut into the world of pop music, allowing her music to reach a broader audience, not just country music enthusiasts. The shift from country to pop was definitely a risk, but it paid off nonetheless. Featuring songs like “Style” (my favorite on the album), “Blank Space”, and “Shake It Off”, Taylor Swift was heard all over the radio. Her first transition of music genres was definitely successful, and set the precedent for more shifts in the future.

Lover album cover (2019)

That brings us to her album released in 2019, “Lover”, taking 4th place. Here’s the deal: I wasn’t obsessed this album, but I definitely didn’t hate it either. The music on “Lover” resembled “1989” in many ways. It had a continuous upbeat tempo, and the colorful and playful album cover matched the feel of the music perfectly. “Lover” was not her best, but definitely not her worst.

Now to the top three:

Reputation album cover (2017)

In 3rd place is her most daring album “Reputation”. Honestly, when I first listened to the released single “Look What You Made Me Do”, my 13 year-old self was scared. Taylor Swift had been off the grid for about 3 years, with no new music being released. I didn’t know what happened to her, but I didn’t like it. However, after listening to the whole album AND attending her Reputation Tour, I love this album. Once again, she was able to prove that she can do almost any genre of music, and do it well. Taylor had abandoned her good girl reputation (no pun intended) and her decision was fully supported by her fans.

Red tour (2013-2014)

These last two are like picking between my two favorite children. But in 2nd place is her other somewhat folk/indie album “Red”. I love, love, LOVE the music on this album. The songs on this album are iconic and each one reveals how lyrically talented she is. The album also has a wide variety of the reflective and emotional songs and the fun and enthusiastic ones. “Red” was somewhat a middle ground between her history of country music and her transition into pop, and it will always be one of my favorites.

Speak Now tour (2011-2012)

Finally, in 1st place, is her 2010 album “Speak Now”. Yes, this album is 10 years old, but it is a classic. The combination of her lyrics and the music create the most amazing stories, and each song tells a different story. From the angry “Better Than Revenge”, to the apologetic “Back To December”, Taylor Swift’s emotions are exposed more than ever. The pain and feeling behind the lyrics show the effort Taylor puts into her music, and I appreciate that. I love and listen to every single song on this album, and always will.

Taylor Swift has created incredible music, and her success in the industry is unmeasurable. Although she has released eight albums, I don’t think this is the end. Her talent will last her a long time in the world of singing and songwriting, and her loyal and devout fans will be right there with her.

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