Rumors spread about alleged football misconduct


Lauren Vernon

FHS Football team performing a celebration ritual “Alma Mata” after their win against Southside

Avery Redfern, Co-Head Editor

After the cancellation of the Bentonville West vs. Fayetteville High School football game this Friday, rumors have begun to circulate regarding potential COVID-19 misconduct by FHS football players and coaching staff.

The rumors started after a number of FHS football players allegedly attended a party where several people were identified as being COVID-19 positive. This was followed by accounts that claimed Coach Casey Dick advised students to keep quiet about testing in order to be able to play at the game this Friday. These accounts have been backed up by several screenshots produced by KNWA Fox24 of messages reported to be by football players.

“Let’s be honest we kinda tried to cover that whole thing up pretty hard before the news did a story on it,” one alleged football player wrote. “Like j bc we r lying abt it doesn’t mean we r being safe [sic].”

Attorney and FPS parent Lucas Regnier is currently investigating the claims that the coaching staff told players to lie about COVID-19 exposure.
“[The rumors are] troubling if true, we hope [they’re] not.” Regnier said.

Regnier also sent a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request in order to gain information regarding the investigation. If the request is granted, Regnier will receive all emails, texts and other communications sent by Coach Dick after Sept. 11.

All action will be handed to the district if the allegations are proven to be true.

“We have to preserve accountability,” Regnier said, “We have to preserve the safety of our students first and foremost.”

This is an ongoing story. We have reached out to FHS administration for comment, but have not heard a response at the time of this publication.  We will update when and if we receive more information.

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