New solar panel charging station available in courtyard


Caroline Blake, Reporter

A new charging station in the Susan Winborn Heil Courtyard has recently become available for use among students of Fayetteville High School. The new technology was donated by the Fayetteville Board of Education on November 14, 2019. Our new charging station is dedicated to Susan Winborn Heil as a thank you for her 17 years of service on the school board. Mrs. Heil was a huge advocate for technology advancements in Fayetteville Public Schools and decided that a charging station would be a great contribution to the students and staff of FHS.

“I think the charging station will be really helpful for everybody. Sometimes when I forget to charge my phone at home, it dies at school because I don’t have a way to charge it. I’ll definitely use this from now on because of how easy it is.” Parker Ann Petet said about the new addition.

The solar charging station converts clean solar energy to electricity. It contains 4 outlets so that power cubes can be used to power devices.

“During lunch one day I plugged in my Chromebook as I was eating and it turned out to be really useful. My Chromebook is always dead so being able to charge it before class was good for me.” Tennessee McClellan said about the usability of the station.

The station is water-resistant, theft-resistant and adjustable to follow the sun. These are convenient to all students and staff of FHS as they are located in the courtyard for anyone wanting to sit in the sun and charge their devices.

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